A Natural Gesture - Thoughts on Musical Praxis and Conducting
2023, Wolke Verlag

From the Preface by Barbara Hannigan:
“A natural gesture is a philosophy of sound, for musicians, for conductors, and can be read in metaphor by anyone who delves deeply into that about which they are passionate. It is a beautiful exploration of a Way. Reading this book makes me eager to get back to the scores, to the practise studio, and to the podium, to strive to serve the music at a deeper and deeper level. And also, to realize that it is not just burying oneself in music but the authentic and healthy being one must nourish through philosophy, self-realization and rhetoric, to reach the silence which precedes the sound.”

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Wo sind Wir?
Article (in German) published in
Musik & Ästhetik, 2023, Jg. 27, Ausgabe 105, Klett-Cotta Verlag
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